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Our business specializes in three areas:

Learn more about Northeast Sailboat Rescue by reading a featured aricle the Portland Press Herald. Click here to view article..

Sailboat Rescue
We find value in all sailboats, regardless of size, age, condition or maker. We specialize in smaller daysailers,trailerable boats, but we deal in boats of all sizes! If you are currently looking for a new home for your sailboat, contact Northeast Sailboat Rescue. We'll clean the sailboat up and find it a good home. Click here to learn more...

Sailboats for Sale
Are you looking for a sailboat, but don't want to spend a lot of money? You should consider a sailboat from Northeast Sailboat Rescue. Our goal is to find good owners and homes for our rescued boats. Many of our boats are in great condition and ready to put in the water. Some of our boats are works in progress and can be purchased at any stage of repair.  You can get these project boats at a great savings over finished boats.  If we don't have the specific boat you are looking for, give us a description of the boat you are looking for and we'll do what we can to help you find a match.

Sailboattransporter TrailersTransporter
Unlike other sailboat trailer manufactures, we build our trailers to be fully adjustable! So when you sell your boat and get the next one you can keep the trailer and just adjust it to your new sailboat, ( within the trailer's capacity )  and haul your friends boats - saving all those pesky costs involved in storing and shipping your boat! Trailers can be built up to 22,000 lbs. www.sailboattransporter.com

Road King  " Trail -N- Sail " Trailers

Road King Trailers builds a wide range of quality trailers offering powerboat trailers,  pontoon boat trailers,  skiff,  jon boat trailers,  sailboat trailers,  cat powerboat trailers,  motorcycle trailers and watercraft trailers in both aluminum & galvanized finishes, accomodating up to 18,000 lbs. We offer some of the best pricing in the industry  as well as  the best service in the sailboat trailer business, the same you have come to depend on from Northeast Sailboat Rescue! http://www.trailnsail.com/index.htm

Click here to view photos of some of the Road King Trailers.


Sailboat transporter, model ESV 4500, with extendable tongue and keel guides,surge brakes  on all wheels for ease of launching
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